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A little about me...

My name is Ahbra. I started Southerly Digital in 2019. During my time at Groove Life I realized how much I loved working with brands, helping influencers and content creators grow their businesses, and how to really help a company scale through marketing, brand partnerships, PR, and simple optimization. I can now leverage everything I've learned across multiple disciplines to provide huge impact for brands and businesses at any stage of growth. 

    My Background

    Combining 4 years of building a hugely successful non-profit working in the court system with 5 years of managing PR, Social Media, Brand Partnerships and more for one of the fastest growing e-com brands, Ahbra has honed a multi-faceted marketing skillset and a deep knowledge of business growth.


    This has positioned her as an invaluable resource for service businesses and brands alike. Her clients have seen year-over-year, measurable growth along with being helped to think outside of the box in areas they previously had not even been focused on.


    Having built strong partnerships with major influencers in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle space, Ahbra has been able to assist established brands such as Mossy Oak and rapidly growing e-com brands like Groove Life develop product collaborations, work with influencers, and connect the dots with their marketing strategy.

    Check out her testimonials to read what current and previous clients have said about her.


    I currently have the space to add 1 or 2 clients depending on what kind of services you are looking for! Reach out and we can talk!


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